for the past two days, the room where our workstation and server resides were powerless (as in without electricity), owing to a grounded outlet (this is assumed at most right now - we only isolated this today). so i've been a little late on my posts.

a very happy graduation to my friend Sacha Chua - if you do get to read this before my email, i just want to say that, even if we don't know each other much, you have been one heck of a student (and teaching assistant) thus far. looking forward to many more emails and (hopefully, in the near future) talkies with yah. n_n

i saw a link that might be of interest to graphic artists - this site has a streaming video link to teach people how to convert a raster image to a vector one (for use with Flash, for example). my sister was actually asking me this very question last night over dinner. for the bandwidth-deprived, i'll put up a textual explanation the whole video as soon as i get around to watching it.

dang, our internet connection seems to be going on and off every now and then. speaking of which, i have a huge rant about their service that i'd like to talk about, but i'll reserve that on another post... that issue deserves more "limelight" than the others...

anyway, in the meantime, i'm off for a haircut...

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