Go to Jail. Do Not Pass "GO". Do Not Collect $200

i talked with a friend over the phone for the past hour or so, and basically all i got was a talk on "change your attitude since it isn't very attractive to people".

i see her point, and the logic as well as the motive behind the action. what i don't see is the methodology by which to approach it.

for starters, i am a rather technical and bulleted sort of person. give me a list of step-by-step instructions, and i'll probably get to the right answer. give me a bunch of actions and i'll more likely than not ask around for ways to piece them together cohesively.

not that i hate my friend - in fact, i appreciate her move. it just hurts to be told that you've been a bit of an ass for some people.

but at least a friend told me that.

in the same thought, an old choir mate of ours was robbed by two males on her commute ride home. when will there be proper police surveillance of high-risk areas for such incidents?

by the way sacha, however did you find out that i had linked you to my blog already? and a correction to your own post - i'm an MIS graduate, not CS... =)

okay, fatigue has completely set in now - my head wishes to lay itself parallel to the ground now... better get a nice cushion for that task.

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