Christmas comes early! (sort of)

my cousin has come back from a Japan trip a little unexpectedly - primarily because of the war in Iraq (which i will not comment on). the company that he's working for is ferreting people back home as soon as possible, and it's a good thing - i had a couple of camera filters bought, and boy, am i ever so pleased with them. i just realised now, however, that my current setup (using 58mm filters) is preventing me from using my flash effectively. hopefully i wouldn't need to use my flash as much with these filters - some close-up filters, a circular polariser and a cross screen filter...

my brother, on the other hand, got a copy of Final Fantasy X-2, and Guilty Gear XX from Japan. had this all been what he had bought, it would have made for a plain evening. but my brother also ordered a Panasonic LF-D521, and while we haven't started using it, i can really see it being put to use later on...

i wonder if i tend to be a little too altruistic at times... on my ride home today, i offered to carry the items of a mother. she had her own kids, but no, i had to step in and offer a hand. it's no problem to me though. but on that same ride, about 15 minutes after she and her children alighted from the ride, i noticed that they left a pair of prescription eyeglasses on the seat. now i'm tempted to try to look for the family tomorrow, to return the spectacles if possible. i wonder if that's a good idea altogether... anyway, i like it that way, so i have no real problems with it.

speaking of my ride, he got flagged down by the local police for taking passengers for pay without a franchise (otherwise commonly known as "colorum"). we must have spent quite a bit (at least 15 minutes) waiting... he mentioned to me that for that particular offense, he'll be fined P5k. (he's been caught before.)

i'm still continually losing sleep, though i hope to correct that starting tonight - i take a nappy right after posting this blog. g'nite world.

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