blogging from Singapore

i'm currently composing this post while i'm so many kilometers away from my home - and it's my first time out of the country, not to mention my first time having to stay in a residence ALONE. i'm a bit nervous for work tomorrow since we have to face some clients for discussions, but i'm happy to announce that i've managed to get to do some things for the first time now:

- checking into the airport and riding an airplae (well, duh.)
- staying alone in the wonderful Somerset Liang Court - and on my own again (surprise surprise)
- having a long dip in a bath tub (and getting scalded by the hot water too)
- actually ironing my long sleeved polo shirts for work tomorrow (steam iron - really should invest on one)

well, this is all for now. have to sleep so that i can be ready for work tomorrow.


cstiu said...

Glad to hear that you arrived ok and enjoying (? yes, a hot bathtub full of boiling hot water would happen to almost every first timers.. happened to me too!) every moment of your trip. Hope you can blog more about your experience outside your base country and in a foreign country such as Singapore, I'm really interested in how you'll find the experience.

Enjoy yourself, and take care!

joyce said...

takes you this long to post again?!
tsk tsk!