stuff i've missed talking about

here's a rundown of everything that's been going on with my life for the past couple of weeks:
- things are settling down with my HP Pavilion a1238l, though i still haven't gotten around to registering the damn computer. i guess i'll have to worry about that some other time.
- i've been pulled out of my original "home" in Makati (GT Tower) and shuffled off to Pioneer (Cybergate), which makes travels to work faster, but also makes commuting home a bit more troublesome, since there's no shuttle services operating in the vicinity.
- i'm actually going to get out of the Philippines - to Singapore, to be exact - for free. i'm pretty scared and excited about the whole idea, but i really don't know what to feel until i'm actually miles away from home... i hope i don't feel too homesick too quickly.

well, that's pretty much it for now... will be posting some more (hopefully) in the days to come. :D

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