now that sacha seems to have let up with our e-mail exchanges for the meantime, i'll get back to posting what i had in mind to post.

we had Ed Manguiat of the Singing Ambassadors with us last night, and he was just amazing. we've known quite a few of the theories he mentioned to us, but we never really were able to found a way to actually get those theories to work - and that's where he really has helped so far. amazing how much change i heard last night, with only a few vocalisation exercises... it's looking like he's really excited to help us out too... must be because he's a friend of our choirmate's mom/aunt... =)

i'm in the hunt for a PS2 Linux distro - hopefully i'll be able to get a copy for use with ours, since my brother just got an HDD+NIC.

btw, i have a bone to pick with the Burger King branch over at Marcos Highway - apparently their staff can't manage with bulk orders the size of our choir (we're talking about 15 people here) over the counter. talk about insane. they take our orders, we get meals that are either ordered, but not punched, or punched, but wasn't actually ordered. cool. =
*sigh* i'm watching Game 2 of the Ateneo - FEU match, and i'm really feeling the possibility of loss... ah well... still hoping for the best though...

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