back from hiber-nation

hmm. this update is long overdue. i've been meaning to post since last tuesday, but everytime i thought of it, the sloth monster just ran up to me and said, "hey, why don't you make that post later?"

and, being the nut that i am, obliged. all the time.

anyway, now that i've finally loaded up the blogger page, i guess i can finally sit down, have a glass of water (well, maybe not, since i can't find my mug), and work on this update.

i got the car re-aligned (covered under its most recent repair warranty) yesterday, and while there's stil a bit of drift on the wheel, it's not as bad as it was before, when i could actually turn a soft corner by just letting go of the steering wheel. and i also washed the car and decided to wax it - now it looks mighty clean! =) hopefully i'll be able to maintain that look... should get an electric buffer if i want to be able to wax the car easily though. oh, and there's also the matter of cleaning up the area under the wheel tonight... shouldn't take much time later.

hmm... i wonder how much a good strut bar is going for? i think that the car might just love to have one of those at the front... with the way i drive. heheheheh.

this is nutty - the PS2 is deciding to go fritzy on me again. now how the heck am i going to play my DDR?

hmm... have to stop this for now - gotta go help out with the rest of the world's problems. heheh. (read: my unfinished chores)

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