in a blink of an eye

just like that, my weekend just whizzed past me. i wish it wouldn't do that too often...

that isn't to say that i didn't get to achieve some nice things though...

1- signed up with Friendster, via an invitation from sacha. it's very reminiscent of since-changed sixdegrees, with so much less of the clutter that it used to have. hmm. i wonder if their service improved over the years...
2- amazing what the telco industry has done. i get to meet someone i've been curious about since my college years via email/ICQ, maintain it for a period of time, and with a flick of the Call button on my mobile phone, i set up a short (~ 5 minutes) meet with her in Ateneo. can't wait to get to meet her again for a more extended period of time.
3- coaxed my brother to buy pizza today (bacon cheeseburger, cheese-stuffed crust - mmm!), and i'm hoping that he'll be coaxable next time when i have those urges. =)
4- washed the car today, and i think i might have scratched the car up AGAIN. darn. speaking of the car, i have my Snoopy stuffed toy (the huge one i got from Watsons) as my regular passenger, plus my iRiver SlimX, connected to the car stereo via a locally-purchased converter (power and tape deck).
5- i'm still trying out (in vain) the PS2 exploit which should allow a user to run code from the memory card - i'm just playing around with the idea, but so far i haven't gotten ANYTHING to work. =P
6- it's - HOLY CRAP - 12a, and i have to go sleep now. =P

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