current plans laid out for my life

as far as my blog is concerned, i'm currently considering junking the hardly-used guestbook feature i have on my blog, especially since all i'm getting there are spam posts. not sure if i should use a different service or just drop it altogether. i'm also thinking of finding a better tagboard service i could use - this one seems too plain and basic to serve my purpose. of course, all this is part of my grand plan to revise my blog for categorization and what-nots.

as far as my real life is concerned, well, i'm considering joining the National Novel Writing Month, depending on whether i actually have the guts to try this out. i will have a little over a month to consider (the whole event starts November, but sign-ups begin on October) this option, so who knows. i'm being offered to write game reviews for a major daily as well, but i can't quite comment on it yet since details are sparse as of now. as time permits, i am also going to try to re-continue my efforts of rearranging Moulin Rouge's Come What May for choral use - ambitious considering i've only been able to successfully write one song in my entire lifetime, and that took me about a month or so.

i also have this habit of making plans ahead of myself, only to crash and burn once they're set in place. maybe i can keep myself from crashing this time around. heheh. wish me luck!

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