blogging categorization

i've looked and looked and looked at my blog from every possible angle i could put it, and i've come to the conclusion that i need to create some form of categorization to better refine my posts.

i'm taking a much different approach compared to using del.icio.us or whatever hacks that is available though - i'll be using the power of completely new blogs linked together to this one page to make my categorization. goodness knows how long that will take though.

however, i do have a few "categories" in mind already as we speak:
- creative stuff: compositions (yeah right), prose, poetry, photography, etc.
- tech stuff: anything tech-related, like computers, consoles, handhelds, mobile phones, etc.
- "specialized" stuff: i'm already thinking of posting up traffic violators that i see on the road, like a Hall-of-Shame, if you will.

and i foresee a rehash of my blog's name once more in the coming days. "voided illusions" won't really capture what i intend to keep in it (personal posts). i dunno - i'd still need to find something catchy to match the "optics" theme. i wonder if i should go look for some web designing help too.

anyway... plans, plans, plans.

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