video edit session results

i'm generally happy with the video editing session i had today. in fact, i'm really thankful i went through all that effort to get a video cam and update my work OS to Windows XP. for the 7-hour edit i did, not once did i get a system crash. real-time previews courtesy of Adobe Premiere Pro sure helped lots too. DV output sure made everything so crystal clear too, unlike my days with the Pinnacle DC30+.

hmm... does anyone out there want to buy that thing from me? do drop me a line! =)

some advice for Premiere Pro 1.5 users - you may want to get Movie Looks here if you're having problems getting it the usual way, or if you're still using v1.1.1 of the software. for some reason, the link Red Giant Software has in its support pages point to 1.1.1 - which doesn't work as expected in Premiere Pro 1.5. i haven't really played around with it much, or in an actual project, as it is extremely slow previewed on my lowly PIII-733Mhz (which, incidentally, is originally a 533Mhz, but has been overclocked ever since we got it).

i also realised that there's RSS feed for all Blogger sites now - so feel free to add in mine. i'll add it in here manually if i can't find it on the site when i finish previewing everything. =)

*sigh* i wonder just how much regular traffic i actually get for my blog. =P

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