guess i've been a bit preoccupied lately. sadly, i wasn't able to make that complaint against that silly driver - was too busy to even bother calling that darned hotline. oh well. maybe next time. =)

what else is new? hmm, not much - though i've realised that 4GB for apps for my creative work isn't going to be enough. i sure will need a bit more space to get it up and running...

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Paul said...

Hi Kxtoffer,
Def been a long time since we chatted dude. Pob bout 3 years..lol..anywho i saw your web page and thought i would say hi to ya....THis is Paul from Greensboro, N.C....tho i have def moved. Hit me back with an email paulmcneill1@hotmail.com THat is a one after my name.
Take care,,,hope to hear from ya