things from the not-so-distant past

since i wasn't able to do my posts for the past few days, here's a summarised entry:

- email-to-blog doesn't seem to be working, since i was mailing from work last thursday (my birthday) but my messages kept bouncing back.
- my sister and i ate friday night at Papemelroti Cafe, located near my sister's office in Roces Ave., and the ambiance there was just great! they have bottomless fresh dalandan juice, and their food, according to my sister, and according to what i ate then (breaded fish fillet with lemon sauce), is great. don't forget to have risotto con pomodoro (i think) for rice meals. plus there are books for reading there. =)
- there's also a bookshop on the second floor where the cafe was, called Books For Less. maybe it's a place to look for good books... i've seen all sorts of books there, ranging from paperback cookbooks to hardbound fiction books going for anywhere between P100 - P300. cool!
- today i decided to try to close a deal on BidShot for some editing hardware, and i'm hoping that the seller would finalise and close the deal with me, since apparently he has another buyer courtesy of his brother. man, i'm really hoping for this one...
- i was also doing some video editing via Adobe Premiere 6.5, and found out some new features today, like fading the non-transition video elements (which i thought was only possible using a transition). i also realised that i could set the project settings of the video to DV playback, and set the real-time preview of the project so i could preview my effects (via the computer) with no renders... man, that sucks. i wonder what else i don't know with Premiere? this is one of the reasons why i'm getting that piece of hardware that's being sold on BidShot.

so there. =)

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