all systems go!

i've finished migration of my video editing platform from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP, and editing is a dream on it! =) i hope to finish installations and stuff soon, so in due time i'll have my very own "commercial" ready... =PPP

i cooked up our salty adobo (dunno to which culture it's local to tho) that has some pork and salty fish, added some more salty fish flakes (daing) and added leftover rice into it to create my own version of salted fish rice... okay, so it's isn't exactly salted fish, and it does have that adobo dis(?)coloration, but it tastes good, and that's good for me. now the question is whether people here at home will like it.

30 minutes to go to find out... =P

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bLuE_BaBy_AnGeL said...

mr. snoopy-boy, it was ok... :P but it lacked taste.. hindi kumapit ung lasa sa rice... nice attempt tho.. better luck next time! :)

asan na tag board mo??? tee ^_^