introspective observations and revelations

any regular viewers will have noticed that i have decided to upgrade my template to the updated sets that are available now with Blogger, enabling a bunch of new features that wasn't there before. i'll keep up with my efforts to continue updating my blog with any details about my life. i'll also start back tracking and labeling my older posts. let's hope that exercise doesn't take me too long though...

also, i've noticed some key items with the way people are getting to my blog. people just can't seem to get enough of the kwek kwek recipe that i posted almost 3 years ago. i'll keep up my efforts by looking for recipes of other street foods soon... maybe even getting some inside tips from the "pros". i have seen some stuff that i want to blog about, but i'll consolidate my discussions to make them more coherent.

i hope my visitors would drop in sometime and leave a note or two - i'd love to hear from anyone who may have chanced upon my blog.

till my next post!

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