i gave in to the impulse!

i saw Villman selling this product i had been looking for since forever, and, after making a few calls, and making some few quick thoughs about it, picked it up for a cool P3.3k (see below):

introducing, the Creative Prodikeys DM. i got a value unit, but the missing features really won't bother me at all (some recording features missing from the Prodikeys software bundled), since i'll mostly be using this with Sonar.

i was actually afraid of jumping in without doing much research on it, since a few hours before i went to buy it, i saw some sites talking about how it didn't work for their rigs, etc. etc., and that really worried me immensely. thankfully i encountered none of the problems that the others had.

the keyboard in itself is quite longer than your usual keyboard, but that's to be expected. the keys are nice and soft to type on, and not noisy at all - brownie points in my book. and the addition of a couple of shortcut keys helps all the more sweeten the deal.

of course, since Winamp 2.95 is my media player of choice, i naturally wanted to get its media buttons working on it, but it didn't support it off the bat. so i swung over to their site and grabbed this plugin. i turned off the volume control feature on it since i wanted the mute button to work on a global scale, and it worked like a charm!

the MIDI keyboard was just as good to use too - pressure-sensitive keys all help make the experience a lot more "human". i've played around with it using the bundled software as well as via Sonar, and i must say i'm quite happy with it...

looking forward to more fun with this thing in the coming days... :D

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