back into the blogging biz

i'm _finally_ back... and i'm wondering how i'd like to align this blog now...

considering that i haven't really checked on my blog (or updated it for that matter) for the past 3+ months, it's amazing to see that i still have some sort of readership. too bad that most of them hardly stay long enough to read anything. heheh. (all these stats courtesy of my nifty counter service from StatCounter - great people)

anyway, on to business. i'd like to have some feedback as to how i should align my blog: do i shift it towards the arts, like photography, video and audio? do i shift it to literary musings? do i strengthen its technology base? or do i keep it as it is - a healthy mix of everything in between?

regardless though, i've decided to keep most of my personal life out of these pages. i realise now that i don't need to broadcast my entire life to the whole wide world - the occasional glance or two will suffice.

hopefully i'll have something up over the next couple of days.

many thanks to those who still find my blog amusing, as well as the tagboarders who have kindly made their existences felt. =)

till next time. =)

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