a flashback of my teen years

i went through my high school batch's Friendster account last night, and every time i opened a page of someone i knew, realised how different everyone is now. a number of my batchmates have either gotten married, left the country, or participated in major events. i even got a batchmate that worked for my company many, many months ago.

and then i realised just how much i got disconnected from the world around me then (unintentionally or otherwise). i remember the faces, the personalities, but i never had a lot of experiences shared with them. i think i feel a twinge of regret coming on all over again...

and i'm sure the next time i'll feel bad about things is when i find a Friendster account for my college course batch, then realise once again how detached i became to my world then.

*sigh* but if i don't stop myself, i'm going to go nuts (nothing to do with donuts, though, i assure you). i mean, last night i went through them all for about an hour, and i felt like i could go on some more, if only i didn't have other things to worry about.

hmm... maybe i really should get a copy of my yearbook, even if i have to pay for it _again_. (trust my high school yearbook organizers to make a complete mess of those details.)

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