worst driving experience

last night was probably my worst drive home yet.

can you imagine streets full of cars all going nowhere, stuck in traffic, only moving for every 10 or so minutes? well, i was in that sort of traffic last night.

and look at all the commuters who just decided to walk instead... (sorry if it was blurry - forgot to stash my digicam with me, so i had to use my phone instead)

at least my drive home wasn't as bad as my parents. my usual travel time of 1 1/4 hours was bloated to 4 hours. my parents, on the other hand, had a bloated travel time of 6 hours... considering that the usual would be around 45 minutes!

i confirmed something last nite as well - wherever there's heavy traffic, there's bound to be those trekkers selling all sorts of goodies to the drivers everywhere, from cigarettes to peanuts to candies to water.

oh man. i hope that doesn't happen again. ever.

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jed said...

Arrived in Cubao around 1900 hrs. I noticed the unusual number commuters waiting alongside Mercury Drug Aurora/EDSA branch.

An FX ride was out of the question.

I walked to LRT-2 Cubao station near Isetann.

Long line of people wrapped around three flights of stairs.

Hot and muggy. Lots of silly, shallow discussions heard. Glad to be alone. At least I can conserve my energy instead of thinking about topics to discuss with a buddy. I'm not a big fan of small talk.

The train wasn't as cramped as I was expecting it to be. No, this is not LRT-1. One thing to feel good about.

Santolan Station.

Traffic was as it was in Cubao -- unmoving.

People were walking. I didn't have to decide. My feet just carried me eastward.

Almost an hour worth of walking.

Ligaya, Sta Lucia passed by. Still I walked. Filinvest couldn't be far away.

Rain drenched, muddied shoes... I arrived at home.

After a quick shower and some dinner I went to my room... my bed hadn't looked quite this comfy in a long time.