random bits

this is cool - some guy's art. weird and interesting, to say the least.

i saw sacha last night, but i didn't get to introduce myself to her. darn. there'll be a next time, for sure... and i was reading through her wiki again last night, and noticed a cute article she wrote on relating with her. does that mean i have to up my geekiness notch to get to know her? i hope i don't have to go overboard on that.

she also has another reflection along the same tune (this time on marriage), which is also an interesting read.

i'm listening/watching the TV right now, to the tune of F4 songs... eech. at least i get to know what the rest of the Philippines is going nuts over once in a while. it pays to be updated.

i have a video editing session to work on next week - i gotta clear up my previous work from this PC - move them to VHS (or VCD/DVD) before next week comes around.

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