i'm bored. and i've been really terrible with keeping updated with posts.

but what significant thing has happened to me of late? hmm... these days my mobile phone is slowly showing more and more signs of wear and tear. i'm getting irritated, and am slowly becoming more and more tempted to replace it the moment that my unit becomes too unbearable to use. i'm thinking of getting a T610 next...

why am i jumping the Nokia bandwagon? i feel that their prices are bloating up so much simply because of the brand. and i don't want to pay for an additional premium of a brand name. this is debatable, however, depending on what other features i find that are in a former replacement unit of choice, the Nokia 7650 that can't be found in that unit. eh, whatever. it HOPEFULLY won't be an issue for the next 6 months... =)

i better have something up tomorrow... i'm really slow of late... =(

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