a Lite Brite(tm) simulator on the web! i remember wanting to have one of these cute toys when i was a kid... thanks to Lockergnome for the link.

i got spam (no, not the edible kind) from these people. seriously, these people ought to think a little more when they start doing things like this - they're bound to get themselves in trouble.

i've been elected secretary for my choir - i've got many plans set right now.

tasklist for my plans for the choir as secretary:
- find webhosting and create website for the group (it's not just a name - it's a way of life), or something like that.
- find a way to fix up all the acetates we have in the choir. storage and sorting will pose to be the biggest problem i'll be dealing with.
- find most efficient way to store our chorale pieces, probably via digitizing them and/or encoding into MIDI via Sibelius.
- come up with new plans for the newsletter - i'm thinking of producing two versions: a paper version, and a digital version. i'll try to make some material available exclusive for either format. at least this will solve the problem of having to figure out how to print pictures on paper. this will coincide with the website we'll come up with.

my friend in the choir sort of introduced me to px, not really thinking of anything, and not really expecting anything either. but now, i'm really finding myself enjoying conversations with her. i started sending her SMS last Sunday, and started calling her the Monday proceeding then, and haven't stopped being pleased with talking with her ever since... and get this, we seem to have so many similarities between each other... amazing! the last time i got to know someone who had similarities with me was anna, and we weren't even as similar as how px and i are so far... if i didn't know any better, i'm talking with a gender-shifted mirror image of myself... heheheheheh... that's an exaggeration, of course, but still.

there was a funny thing with our conversation last night. out of the blue, i sorted of blurted out what i thought she'd wear to the group date thing we'll have next week - black pencil skirt, 1-2in stilettos - and with a creepy realisation, found out that i guessed right. coincidence? i don't know...

egad. it's been more than a week since i last posted... gotta be more diligent next time.

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